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Projects of Thrangu Rinpoche
The projects of Thrangu Rinpoche aim at preserving and spreading Tibetan religion in Tibet and in exile as well as improving the living conditions of the local population. In order to accomplish these aims, he founded monasteries, study and retreat centers, schools and medical clinics.

The monasteries play a central role for all of Thrangu Rinpoche's projects. They provide the necessary ressources and infrastructure, they have a model function and serve as multiplicators, who have an influencing effect on the local population. They started initiatives regarding environmental protection. They provide help in case of natural desasters. After the earthquake in Nepal in 2015, they sent teams into the surrounding communities helping to clear away the debris and providing emergency relief from their own supplies. In addition, they collected donations from all over the world to provide further quick and non-bureaucratic help.

After the start of the corona pandemic, they also distributed food to the local population.

Medical clinics, which were originally established to serve the needs of the monastic community, started soon after their establishment to provide their service to the local population for free. In most cases, the monasteries provide the only help that the suffering population in these poor communities can hope for.

In addition, the schools provide free education for children of the surrounding communities and of the poor Himalayan regions. The schools provide clothing, adequate nourishment and medical care.

In Germany, the support of Thrangu Rinpoche's projects is organized by the charitable Pende Association, which was founded in 2007.

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Pende e.V.
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft Mainz
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Pende e.V.
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Website: http://www.pende.org
email: spenderservice@pende.org

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